Quotes—Page 21: More of What People are Saying

Here are a few more of our favorite things people have said about Speculative Grammarian over the years, collected wild on the internet, or domesticated in email.

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Q150. If you have an incredibly geeky appreciation for linguistics humor (face it: telling jokes about phonemes and morphemes is not ‘normal’), be sure to check out SpecGram. The classifieds are particularly hilarious.


Q149. Oh. My. God. That is fabulous.

One Undone

Q148. It’s like Beowulf and the Swedish Chef had love kittens.

Raven Thistle

Q147. Speculative Grammarian is awesome. Go check it.


Q146. You might appreciate this article from Speculative Grammarian, the journal of ‘satirical linguistics’. It is entitled ‘The Lexicalist Agenda: Exposing the Myths’, and I thought it was really funny.

Yehuda N. Falk

Q145. Actually, that entire journal is just fantastic.


Q144. This makes me go squee!


Q143. I’m embarrassed to admit I don’t get most of those...

Not Actually Jenny

Q142. Ling love: I love this.


Q141. Dit is vooral leuk als je interesse hebt in taal kunde, maar ik wilde hem toch even laten zien. Het komt van een sarcastische taalkunde site: Een ‘artikel’ over de distributie van de lidwoorden ‘a’ en ‘an’ in het Engels. Carrièreplanning voor linguïsten.


Q140. Linguistischer Nonsens im Überfluss. Zahlreiche nicht wirklich ernst gemeinte Artikel, Schlaglichter auf schräge Phänomene und insgesamt eine wirkich komische Satire auf den wissenschaftlichen Normalbetrieb. Amüsant sind auch die kleinen Spielchen ‘Choose Your Own Career In Linguistics’ und das ‘Indo-European Crossword Puzzle’.


Q139. Het is zo nerdig dat het gaaf wordt


Q138. Linguïstenhumorja, het bestaat.


Q137. Wer, wie ich, gerne viel Zeit mit Dingen verbringt, die schlicht und einfach Zeit fressen, ohne dazu zu führen, dass die Welt gerettet oder die Hausarbeit fertig wird, hat bestimmt seinen Spaß mit Vaguely Linguistic Transforms.


Q136. SpecGram is great. SpecGram is wonderful.


Q135. This is... just... wow.

—Anand Thakker

Q134. I really like these and I might just use them when teaching syntax in a few weeks’ time.


Q133. Speculative Grammarian, a satirical linguistics journal (if you can believe such a thing exists).

—Richard Dunlop-Walters

Q132. Dr. Phlogiston’s article also contains several panels that will be of great value in the classroom.

Mark Liberman

Q131. This is only the second cartoon about computational linguistics that I know of.

Mark Liberman

Q130. Here is the funniest linguistics-related thing I have ever read.


Q129. You should see the Speculative Grammarian article on the language in which the elative dual was always suppletive. It was funny.

—Tom H Chappell

Q128. Thanks for all the brain-food.

—Tim Hall

Q127. I just stumbled across your site and so can’t make head nor tail of it (sic) that I will have to keep on reading. I was, of course hoping to learn something about NLP/AI. The ironic thing is that I may learn more from reading your journal than attempting to process any amount of more scholarly looking stuff.

—Tim Hall

Q126. Heavens!

—Tim Hall

Q125. My favorite computer-assisted career counseling is ‘Choose Your Own Career in Linguistics’ at Speculative Grammarian. I always knew I should work for the science fiction industry. Yeah!

—Judith Buendgens-Kosten

Q124. The best thing in the issue is the letter to the editor about yod-droppers.

Joe Salmons

Q123. I just love making nasal-ingressive voiceless velar trills. Can do’em in my sleep.

Mr Verb

Q122. Ironia i humor per a lingüistes.

—Joaquim Llisterri

Q121. Humoristisk e-blad om lingvistik og lingvisters særheder.

—Hans Henrik Juhl

Q120. If you haven’t played it yet, I recommend the ‘Choose your own career in linguistics’ feature.

Mr. Verb

Q119. I loved your Phonetics vs. Phonology cartoon in the September 2007 issue.

—Máire Noonan

Q118. If you haven’t read Linguistic Topology yet, you must. (All the way to the end, folks; it’s worth it, trust me on this.)

The Ridger

Q117. After many a (veryindeed extremely) welcome reprint of past volumes, Speculative Grammarian has a new edition on line! O Frabjous Day! Calloo Callay, she chortled in her joy.

The Ridger

Q116. I know it’s a satirical journal so I’m embarrassed to say how much I could enjoy puzzles like this.

Michael Covarrubias

Q115. Reading through the other options I’m getting increasingly depressed.


Q114. Speculative Grammarian knows where I live.


Q113. Yesit’s ‘choose your own career in linguistics’ !


Q112. As antidote to so much heavy-lifting, there is this snarky piece in the current issue of Speculative Grammarian about the creeping tide of Lexicalism. It was spot on.

—Laura Kertz

Q111. Umlaut marks are the spawn of satan!!!

The only place two dots should ever be together is centered in a wide ‘O’ to represent a nasal ingressive voiceless velar trill, but that’s about it.


Q110. Speculative Grammarian: who says linguists take themselves too seriously?

Ariane Rhone

Q109. Una visió humorísticaperò certade les relacions entre la fonètica i la fonologia: Parenchyma, H. (2007) ‘Cartoon Theories of LinguisticsPart EPhonetics vs. Phonology’, Speculative Grammarian CLIII, 1.

—Joaquim Llisterri

Q108. I have taken some time off my thesis and lost some sleep to finish your magnificent Monster LingDoku. Thanks for teaching me how Hangul works! I hope you have as much trouble reading my solution as I had constructing it.

—Nynke de Haas

Q107. The Sudoku were very interesting! The Samurai one was a bit tough, but the Monster one is just ridiculous!


Q106. This looks like an interesting site.


Q105. Speculative Grammarian is well worth a thorough browse, packed as it is with ‘twisted ramblings, academic parody [and] satirical linguistics’, including The LingoA car designed for linguists... by linguists, The European Dialects of Cheese, and crosswords for linguists.

Simon Ager

Q104. Ahh, the academic funnybone. The footnotes are worth reading if you don’t have time for the whole article.


Q103. Thank You!! for the many good laughs and the much-needed satirical insight into linguistics.

Madalena Cruz-Ferreira

Q102. Для всех делающих вид, что знает и любит языки: сатирический журнал Speculative Grammarian, сделанный лингвистами для лингвистов и примазывающихся.

Михаил Иванов

Q101. Ключевые слова: сатира, шарж, шутка, развлечение.

Богдан Кравцов

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