Quotes—Page 22: More of What People are Saying

Here are a few more of our favorite things people have said about Speculative Grammarian over the years, collected wild on the internet, or domesticated in email.

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Q100. Красота.

Peter Arkadiev

Q99. One of my favourite websites, as a) a former linguistics student and b) someone who works for a (real!) journal, is SpecGram, or Speculative Grammarian, which is a fantastic spoof linguistics journal. It is particularly amusing that so many of the articles could almost be real.


Q98. Ясно и наглядно о нон-конфигурационных языках!

наташа короткова

Q97. Linguistics lovers beware.

—Dr Lanette Cadle

Q96. Enjoy, language nerds!

Greg Borenstein

Q95. Sudoku + phonology mashup. Run away!


Q94. Rating the world’s languages. Snerk.


Q93. I’m happy that (in a total fairytale not resembling academia in the least) I won on my first go-round.


Q92. So far, I am mildly amused by the typo on their home page.

Chris Vreeland

Q91. Awesome.

Michael J. Nelson

Q90. Man, I’ve been subscribing to this for a while. It’s great.

Ray McCartney

Q89. Funny stuff.


Q88. Brilliant.


Q87. This is hilarious.


Q86. I like the puzzles, especially the Indo-European crossword and the Canadian version of the LingDoku.

Bob Sassaman

Q85. Don’t miss: Re-Rating the World’s Languages, Hunting the Elusive Labio-Nasal, The Endangered Languages Armamentation Programme, New speech disorder linguists contracted discovered! and of course Choose Your Own Career in Linguistics.


Q84. This is great!


Q83. Brilliant!

Dan Velleman

Q82. Wacky linguists spoof themselves, rating a collection of languages along a whole range of variables.


Q81. Friday afternoon fun: ... Choose Your Own Career in Linguistics. ... Will it be a double major in Linguistics and English with a serving of fries, or great glory analyzing the language of beings on distant planets. You choose your path...

—Susan Atkey

Q80. That just upped my geek intake by 300%


Q79. This is SO dorky...and yet, I laughed shamelessly.


Q78. I really want that ‘All Your Morpheme Are Belong To Us’ shirt, but I don’t think anyone at work would get both halves of the joke.


Q77. So, I’ve been occasionally stumbling on [SpecGram] for a while now, ... and I’m addicted now.


Q76. Meist sehr humorvoll. Vorsicht: macht süchtig!


Q75. A hilarious online linguistics satire magazine. ... It has linguistics sudoku puzzles. With the IPA! A Proto-Indo-European crossword! And a pick-your-own adventure game that takes you through the non-existent wacky world of linguistics careers.


Q74. I could recommend Speculative Grammarian to any linguists...


Q73. This is possibly the geekiest thing that I’ve ever seen: a crossword puzzle in Proto-Indo-European.


Q72. Extreme language geekery


Q71. LMFAO. That’s brilliant! And [sigh] [cringe] actually pretty accurate...


Q70. Scarily accurate.

Fraser Dron

Q69. Glimrende artikkel om retorikk i SpecGram med gode tips om hvordan vinne enhver debatt.


Q68. Linguistics definitely has its share of obscure insider lingo. For that reason alone it’s extremely doubtful that a nonlinguist would find any humor in, say, Speculative Grammarian.

—Robert M Peachey

Q67. Habrá que leer más a Merritt Greenberg y Joseph Ruhlen que a los de verdad.


Q66. Hahahahahaha!

—Manic veG wonK

Q65. Potentially amusing to the linguisticians among you


Q64. I ran across your current issue again. What a scream!


Q63. Speculative Grammarian, die Zeitschrift für satirische Linguistik.

Christina Sanchez

Q62. Empfehlenswert für alle, die sich schon immer für die Verbindung von Sprachwissenschaft und Humor interessiert haben: SpecGram.

Christina Sanchez

Q61. Oh my gorsh, this is the coolest thing ever...


Q60. I just found this online and did a happy dance...


Q59. Speculative Grammarian (a.k.a. the best spot to find esoteric linguistics humor)


Q58. My Soul was Crushed. It was awesome.


Q57. Brilliant! Have been sitting here for the past two hours listening to cello, drinking Armagnac, and roaring with laughter at the writings on your pages.

—Andrew MacFarland

Q56. I laughed.


Q55. Someone has a twisted sense of humour.


Q54. Great. Amazing. I love it. Laughed my heads off.


Q53. Yes! I love that! Talk about brain exercise...


Q52. I like it, even though it does make my head hurt.


Q51. Well that’s just greatly reduced my english skills


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