Quotes—Page 10: More of What People are Saying

Here are a few more of our favorite things people have said about Speculative Grammarian over the years, collected wild on the internet, or domesticated in email.

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Q700. Why natural language processing is hard.

Eric Torreborre

Q699. Syntactic ambiguity explained with cartoons!

Fabian Steeg

Q698. The fact that I understand this and want this to happen to me both horrifies me and intrigues me.

—Object of Procrastination

Q697. Linguistics: Ruining your social life, one conversation at a time.

Linguistics Y’all

Q696. After years of studying linguistics, it took me a few minutes to remember that small talk was a thing.

Iron Man is my Spirit Animal

Q695. Another excellent illustration from SpecGram.

All Things Linguistic

Q694. Damn Amerindian languages, you scary! xɬp’χʷɬtɬpɬɬskʷc’who needs vowels?

Iron Man is my Spirit Animal

Q693. Speculative Grammarian: ...weil Grammatik Spaß macht...

Antonio Machicao y Priemer

Q692. Μια ξεκαρδιστική αποτύπωση είκοσι μη-επισήμων ρητορικών φορμών, που όμως αποτελούν μέρος της καθημερινότητας των ανθρώπων.


Q691. Oh, YES!

Jenny Beaumont

Q690. Lingua Pranca is also quite funny.


Q689. This site has some hilarious ambiguities:


Q688. The Perils of Parody: There are times when reality severely strains the resources of parody. But some brave souls try and try (god bless their hearts). This one came my way recently. A good friend tells me that s/he found the original far less plausible and much funnier. Judge for yourself.

Norbert Hornstein

Q687. A damn good joke.

Deborah Cameron

Q686. Oh my.

Making a Minute a Moment

Q685. This makes me so happy. Why didn’t I think of this when I was taking Syntax classes?!


Q684. If you don’t teach syntax using a lot of BDSM jokes, you’re doing it wrong.

For to Save Her Shoes from Gravel

Q683. Yeah, it’s all about raising-to-subject and object-control, and dominance and C-command, and merging and adjoining and projection, and let’s not forget government and binding... Basically, if your TA for syntax is hot, you’re doomed.


Q682. Linguistics has the funniest, most under-appreciated jokes.


Q681. I’ve been looking for a way to make linguistics visually interesting. I think I found it.

Iron Man is my Spirit Animal

Q680. Since stumbling on SpecGram several days ago, I have wasted countless seconds reading the entire archives of back issues. Please keep up writing about satirical linguistics, as otherwise I will have to go back to work.

—Jeremy Martin

Q679. If you’ve got a spare 40 minutes, linguistic laffs with those wacky funsters at Speculative Grammarian. No, really.

Mark Moore

Q678. That is the strangest blog post I’ve read in a while, but quite funny. xD

—Malene M

Q677. Love that first Table of Contents. Sheer brilliance!

Joan Hockman

Q676. That was very amusing.


Q675. Those are lovely!

Janet Miles

Q674. Lightweight, and recommended: “Important Idioms in Contemporary Science.”

Suzette Haden Elgin

Q673. All this talk of over-inflection reminded me of an excellent piece of linguistic satire, such as I enjoin all to read.


Q672.I’ll have whatever Chomsky is having.” The whole neighborhood heard me laughing.


Q671. Coincidentally, I take a hearty structuralist approach to every meal


Q670. Read the whole post. It’s truly mad. :)

Diane Duane

Q669. The entire thing is great.

Plock Goes the Dodo

Q668. Pls check SpecGram for more fun!


Q667. This literally has to be the best thing I’ve ever read lol. And I use the words “literally” and “best” quite loosely.


Q666. A bit of linguistic dork humor: the difference between phonemics (the sounds) and phonetics (the way the sounds are realized).

—The Blue Shore of Silence

Q665. Listening to Language Made Difficult keeps me connected to the weird side of academic linguistics now that I’m out of grad school. I also say “pyalatalization” a lot since the Self-Definer episode came out.

Brianne Hughes

Q664. I am the Phonetician.




Q662. I gotta disagree here. I believe that a corpus linguist would go for spaghetti, because you get more bits of data per plate.


Q661. Loving it, though I’m pretty sure the OT person would have responded by going through a list of pasta constraints, e.g. *BREADTH for flat wide lasagna noodles or whatever…


Q660. I sure as hell hope Chomsky never actually said any of the things the satire quotes him as saying.

Tom Chappell

Q659. Patterns of language contact and the helical structure of DNA: Coincidence? I think not! Sershen has only scratched the surface with the example in this article. Nobel Prize, anyone?

Erich Fickle

Q658. Hahahaha!! Seems serious, doesn’t it? Startling...

Maite Urquiza

Q657. You guys make me laugh so hard. Awesome.

Mary Clarkson Rempel

Q656. Lucky Frog. Lucky Toad. They still had a coffee pot. And I bet they had a teaspoon as well. They obviously don’t teach at Monash...

Jenny Beaumont

Q655. My day is so much better for reading this.

Lykara Ryder

Q654. And they lived happily ever after.

Callum Robson

Q653. /OT/ → [Obviously Thrown-Together]


Q652. Why do they say it was a hoax? It works beautifully for Pirahã.


Q651. There was a really disappointing lack of puns in the piece :(


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