Quotes—Page 23: More of What People are Saying

Here are a few more of our favorite things people have said about Speculative Grammarian over the years, collected wild on the internet, or domesticated in email.

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Q50. Wow. That’s... beautiful and horrible at the same time.


Q49. Ow.


Q48. Ahhhh. Make it stop.


Q47. That hurt both my eyes and my head.


Q46. Viccesnek van álcázva, de már a címe is nagyon provokatív.


Q45. ‘Highly respected.’

Language Hat

Q44. Fun with nerdy humor!

—Dancing Barefoot

Q43. It’s a reprint of Lingua Pranca from 1978, but it’s still funny as hell.

—Dancing Barefoot

Q42. If anyone wants to look at linguistic sillyness, I would suggest Speculative Grammarian.


Q41. ‘For your reading gladness’ This phrase aptly describes my experience of SpecGram. I totally love it.

—Linda Kerby

Q40. We at the LINGUIST List enjoy your humorous site and have spent no little time browsing around it.

Amy Renaud

Q39. This is a site which has kept me entertained for hours and hours on end. ‘Tis particularly suitable for long working days with nothing to do.


Q38. Linguistics (noun, singular): The alleged discipline professed by anyone whom Speculative Grammarian amuses.

Flat Earth Catalogue

Q37. I’m always glad to find some new scholarship I had previously missed.


Q36. Descriptivists fight back! With ABSURDISM!


Q35. Looking for an article entitled ‘How Many is Umpteen?’ Feeling a need for a Proto-Indo-European roots crossword puzzle? Then this is the journal for you.

Ceisiwr Serith

Q34. My qod that site is brilliant!


Q33. A sort of Mad Magazine for linguistics.

Dirty Lingoe

Q32. Speculative Grammarian ... promises some dandy satirical linguism!

—Jackson Ninly

Q31. Speculative Grammarian [is] a sort of parody on grammatical research.

G. Edward Johnson

Q30. I was getting worried... but I wonder, if there really is something more behind it!!!??? And who is the satire for??? Many questions.

—John Bateman

Q29. Sociopathological.

—Pete Gaughan

Q28. For all those with a passing interest in linguistics, I recommend the wit and silliness of Speculative Grammarian magazine.

—Anelie Walsh

Q27. Honestly, where do people find the time? This stuff is hilarious!! Check out the letters to the editor in particular.


Q26. Speculative Grammarian ... is the best online linguistics magazine ever.

Simon Montagu

Q25. This one is for linguists, and lovers of language and the utterly, sublimely ridiculous. One of my favourite spots on the internet.


Q24. Oooh, found a great website for you language freaks with a sense of humor.


Q23. I think there are a fair share of geeks ... who will sickly enjoy it as much as I.


Q22. Gosh, Speculative Grammarian is a hoot.


Q21. Go, enjoy, but don’t say I didn’t warn you you might get your brains addled.

Language Hat

Q20. How did I ever live without it?

Nick Browne

Q19. Check out this parody of abstruse linguistics at its most absurd. A brilliant satire.


Q18. Read it and laugh.


Q17. Satirical linguistics. Bravo!


Q16. These are very funny people!! Little snorts and chuckles sneak up on you at every turn.


Q15. If you’ve ever struggled through some dusty collection in the periodicals room in a desperate last-ditch attempt to pad your bibliography on that final under-grad paper, you will get the humour of SpecGram. If you’re a language buff, you should be writing for it.


Q14. Speculative Grammarian ... appears to be to linguistics what the Annals of Improbable Research is to other sciences.

Jed Hartman

Q13. Philological madness!


Q12. I think it’s not just hilarious but actually instructive.


Q11. Daring innovative theories in the linguistic field.


Q10.Counterpoint: Why Linguistics Doesn’t Care’ got me all hot and bothered in my language centre. Oh, my very sensitive Wernicke’s Area. Oh, oh my.


Q9. Speculative Grammarian tackles the important issues in linguisticsand lifehead on, uncompromisingly, and with punctuation that’ll take your eye out.


Q8. The best thing about my SpecGram discovery is that it feels like learning, but not the kind that makes my phonological system strain and my brain implode.


Q7. What can you do with a degree in Linguistics, you ask? Play the game and find out!


Q6. Besides being wonderful dorky nostalgia, it’s actually quite funny/insightful.

Emma Cunningham

Q5. Vittig om lingvistikk! Sjekk ut denne siden for å få deg en god latter.


Q4. Linguists: This is funny!!! ... I laughed.


Q3. Ever read Speculative Grammarian? If you did not read Speculative Grammarian yet, give it a try...

—Damir Cavar

Q2. Hey! This site amuses me. Ah, the trials of choosing your own career in Linguistics. Pretty funny stuff.


Q1. Twenty Special Forms of Rhetoric is the funniest thing I’ve read for, oh, about a week.


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