Quotes—Page 8: More of What People are Saying

Here are a few more of our favorite things people have said about Speculative Grammarian over the years, collected wild on the internet, or domesticated in email.

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Q800. As a syntax enthusiast, I am a fan of that last verse.


Q799. Someone please make a syntax tree of the Chomsky verse.


Q798. Well worth the attention of anybody with a linguistics background.

Velar Trill

Q797. Speculative Grammarian, a webzine of linguistic satire, for when you become a hardcore language nerd.

E. M. Epps

Q796. Here is satirical account of the history of ideas in linguistics as merely social, rather than socio-semiotic.


Q795. A love story.

The Spine and Its Tingle

Q794. Owtch. Buuurn.



Kitty Levin

Q792. What the. omg.


Q791. Might just be the way the language works or we might have a badass over here


Q790. This is so beautiful I love it.


Q789. Linguistic-y goodness.


Q788. This is probably the prettiest way I’ve seen these described.

—A Beautiful (In)sanity



Q786. Serious linguistics boner!


Q785. Oh my gosh, the Turkish makes so much more sense now!

The Bard of Romulus

Q784. Oh hey I’ve done stuff like this in linguistics. It’s supposed to be fun and it is but it also makes my head hurt sometimes.

—walking on a high wire

Q783. What I want for Xmas.

Chiefest Calamity

Q782. All the answers have at last been found & collected into one magnificent dirt-cheap volume!! Eternal enlightenment is ours! ... The Speculative Grammarian Essential Guide to Linguistics! I bought it! I treasure it! I sit rapt at its sagely feet!

J Paul S

Q781. Finally, serious research in the oft neglected field of satirical linguistics. I thought this would never be covered.

Englishpro & Co.

Q780. The Speculative Grammarian Essential Guide to Linguistics という本が発売されています。 言語学者によって書かれた言語学者向けのジョーク本です。

Fumiaki Nishihara

Q779. Go ahead and buy your own copy. It is even cheaper than a full unhealthy meal at a fancy “fast-food” restaurant. It is worth it.

Sarah Almotairi

Q778. My SpecGram book is finally with me! I hope it won’t ruin my working day :)

Tatyana Ignatova

Q777. The SpecGram Essential Guide to Linguistics really is a hoot! Highly recommended for linguaphiles & conlangers alike.


Q776. Die-hard linguists will go crazy for [The Speculative Grammarian Essential Guide to Linguistics]. ... A definite must read for Linguists or those who just like language and have some time on their hands. It made me have some fond memories of tape recorders and the numerous ways people can pronounce a vowel. ... PS: I want to be a vowelkyrie.

Melissa Reynard

Q775. Just wanted you to know that I adore your Podcast and I just ordered your book! Thanks being super cool and for fanning the flames of my passionate love of linguistics.


Q774. Shout it from the rooftops. Or just do like me and go stand on a street corner waving a Bible and scream it: “The Speculative Grammarian Essential Guide to Linguistics is out!”

Mr. Verb

Q773. A word of warning: much of [The Speculative Grammarian Essential Guide to Linguistics] is very technical, with articles and references that few but a trained linguist will twig. A lot of it went over my head, and if you’re not into linguistics your mileage will vary. But some sections are generally accessible, and the motley mischief is unified by the trademark SpecGram voice–if such a thing can be said to exist–which combines condescension with flattery and arch irony with sincere delight.

Stan Carey

Q772. SpecGram has now condensed centuries of satirical linguistic articles, comics and pearls of wisdom into a single book. ... [T]his compilation makes a tidy package, a pleasant bit of browsing, and a convenient gift for the book-loving linguist. ... There is also some additional material in this book—it’s worth it for the self-defining glossary of linguistic terms alone.

Lauren Gawne

Q771. [The Speculative Grammarian Essential Guide to Linguistics] will be a symbolic expression of your inner linguistic nerd.

—Phaedra Royle

Q770. Looks too Craaazaayyy for me..

Claire Stokes

Q769. This sounds delightful.

Christine Quinones

Q768. Moram s vama da podelim jedan burleskan, duhoviti, ali u suštini kritički, kao bajagi sociolingvistički tekstić, iz jednog satiričnog lingvističkog časopisa, koji je povezan s ovom temom: „O uljudnosti prema ženama u slovenskim jezicima“, Émil Schouwiniste-Pigge.

Ђорђе Божовић

Q767. Nothing could better explain what I love about non-viral social media than this list of Proofs, taken from the SpecGram newsletter.


Q766. Meet Dr. Knauv Shauling, Assistant Chief Hibernolinguistic Paleocurmudgeon.


Q765. Can’t believe I’ve been on Twitter for eight months and have only now discovered @SpecGram! #satire #linguistics

—Florentina Taylor


—Hannah Decker

Q763. It is a magisterial opus. Everyone on the planet needs at least one copy.

Freya Shipley

Q762. Got a copy of the new Speculative Grammarian compendium! My pleasure reading for grad school is now set.

Kenny Baclawski

Q761. This is a book I can buy.

Amy Zekas Reynaldo

Q760. I want one! (Please don’t flog me for lack of plural construction ... !!!)

Richard Curtis

Q759. “Heavy enough to kill most insects.” Again with the ambiguity!

Bill Rowe

Q758. I’m so excited.

—Jillian Tetirick

Q757. SpecGram keeps me sane.

—Belinda Downes

Q756. I don’t know if anyone reads Speculative Grammarian, but I just saw this today: OdCom. It made me laugh, at least.


Q755. RE: Landläufige Vorurteile über Linguisten: Endlich hat sich der Speculative Grammarian dieser Thematik einmal empirisch angenommen.


Q754. SpecGram has a store. If you buy from there you’ll also be supporting a hilarious magazine.


Q753. The following is a very good spelling reform proposal. I doubt that you will not agree with it.

—Antonielly Garcia Rodrigues


—Fractal Logic

Q751. Oh god my brain’s gonna explode

Oh, What a Day!

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