Quotes—Page 6: More of What People are Saying

Here are a few more of our favorite things people have said about Speculative Grammarian over the years, collected wild on the internet, or domesticated in email.

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Q900. An introduction to linguistics in haiku form. Love the last part of the haiku. :))

Ikmi Nur Oktavianti

Q899. Are Linguists boring? Incomprehensible? Evil? Guys from SpecGram... I love you.


Q898. Hvis noe er verre enn lingvister er det lingvister med tørr humor.

Stig Johan Berggren

Q897. I won’t try to explain why I found this funny. YMMV.


Q896. Speculative Grammarian (and other related zines archived on the same site) is one of the finest linguistics satires. The occasional articles also delve into miniature conlanging, although for satirical purposes obviously.

One of my favourite articles deals with numbers in the Moundsbar language.


Q895. I got @SpecGram’s Essential Guide to Linguistics. Pure awesomeness!


Q894. Your blog is evilly wonderful. I had to go out and buy a copy of The Speculative Grammarian Essential Guide to Linguistics. I hope you’re happy. :P But seriously, you’re wonderful!

Lost Journeyman

Q893. Thirteen Untranslatable Wordswithout translations of course, cuz, you know.

Society for Linguistic Anthropology

Q892. SpecGram does good puns.

Mr Interpreter’s Translation and Interpreting Humour

Q891. SpecGram: For hardened linguists in need of fun.

Grammar Policeman

Q890. Grammar students started working on tree diagrams this week. Here is a fun comic just for you!

Graduate Institute of Applied Linguistics

Q889. At last there is an organization that can bridge the hurtful chasm between language prescriptivists and descriptivists: The Original English Movement.

Nicole Stockdale

Q888. Proto abal-abal, nih. Contoh hipotesis yg keliru dan menyesatkan. Silakan didengarkan.

—Kenal Linguistik

Q887. Need a definition for any word, even if it has never come close to actually existing? Check out Speculative Grammarian’s new dictionary.

Editor Mark

Q886. The Onion meets Language: Speculative Grammarian...

Graduate Institute of Applied Linguistics

Q885. A few of these I can’t appreciate fully (yet!?) but I’ve been laughing pretty hard at the rest of them.

Amy Goodnough

Q884. An unconventional and amusing reform of the English writing system. What do you think? Should we accept the proposal?

Canada Institute of Linguistics

Q883. Now, what do you want for dinner? Spaghetti or Lasagna?

De Gruyter Mouton

Q882. Despite decades of work on the problem, linguistics (apparently) isn’t cool.

—Griffith Languages and Linguistics

Q881. A funny linguistic take on common idioms!

Pling: Penn Linguistics Society

Q880. This is fun, and a bit of a grammar drill at the same time. Hilarious results!

Louise O’Neill

Q879. Highly informative!

Amalgamaty semantyczne/ conceptual blending

Q878. How many middles can you read in one sitting? My eyes bleed easily for this article.

Todd Snider

Q877. The latest chapter of the LingQuest Saga (guest written by Speculative Grammarian!) is now available! Thanks to Trey Jones of SpecGram fame for gracing our Fund Drive with his sparkling wityou’ll want to read this one, folks, because it’s great.


Q876. When did “book trailers” become a thing? This is an understatedly amusing trailer for an understatedly amusing book from the understatedly amusing Speculative Grammarian. The Gregorian chants in the background are understatedly amusing, too.


Q875. You must see this website if you love linguistics and #linguisthumor.


Q874. Rätselspaß: LingDoku, Sudoku für Linguist/innen.

Kristin Kopf

Q873. Someone’s holding a pretty serious grudge, from, I’m guessing, maybe a semester of Greek, maybe a couple years?


Q872. There. You needed to hear it.

Vukovic Nikola

Q871. This is one of the best things that’s ever appeared on the internet.

Captain Canadia

Q870. I’m very glad I bought the hardcopy of the book. It was worth much more than what you charged, because it keeps on giving and giving me great guffaws. This book will be extracting linguisticky laughs out of me ‘til I die! It is surely one of the best values I ever acquired in a new book. Making it available as a download is like selling a car for for the price of a bicyclea shockingly, stunningly, jaw-droppingly good deal for the buyer!

J Paul S

Q869. It was a dark and verbal night: Bulwer-Lytton for speculative linguists.

Arthur D. Hlavaty

Q868. When “colourless green ideas sleep furiously” makes sense.

Tony Finch

Q867. I’m still mad that the IPA consortium refuses to add the double-dot wide-O to the phonetic alphabet.


Q866. That’s diabolical!

—Siva Kalyan

Q865. Given the apparent frequency and clustering of two letter “words,” we think it might be a linguistic formula, or formulaic statement, that we are unlikely to tease out, not being “True Linguists” (though we did enjoy/cringe at Derrida’s paper airplanes!).

—Tanjam and Adam Jacobson

Q864. What’s the worst sentence to start a linguistically-themed novel with?

Andrew Ducker

Q863. Hahahahaha I just did it.

Okay, velar trill. No problem. Okay, nasal. Gotta constrict that airway. Okay, it’s voiceless so now I just have to breathe in.

Followed by hysterical laughter because I feel like telling a linguist to do that phoneme is like saying “loser says what?” really fast.


Q862. The best phoneme to tell people about is the nasal-ingressive voiceless velar trill. People who know phonetics/linguistics will sit there and try and logic out how to make the noise.


Q861. I figured it was some sort of rotational cipher, but no luck with that approach, so I assume it’s a substitution cypher, which, let’s face it, is far too much work for me.

——J. L. Barnes

Q860. Oh lord, “entail spaghetti noodles.” I never realized what a rich vein of humor entailment was. It is literally applicable anywhere. I can go to starbucks and order a cappucino and boom I’ve got three entailed drinks.


Q859. This is a wonderful site! Spaghetti or Lasagna for Linguists


Q858. It’s amazing because it covers almost all of the stereotypical ignorance.


Q857. Just bought the book. It better be good!


Q856. Oh man!!! I want a book!


Q855. Occasionally, the research causes me to focus.

——Virginia Bouchard

Q854. I have an undying adoration for Speculative Grammarian.


Q853. Now that is great satire.


Q852. I am dying. This is beautiful.


Q851. This is the best thing, and I will be forcing everyone I know to read it while I explain why it’s funny. I’m a really interesting person, guys.


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