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Yet Another Anthology of Linguistic Humor

T. Jones & K. Slater, Editors

October, 2009


Piled Higher and Deeper
  On the Meta-Abstractness of the Abstract Abstract—Métha Maxwell
  Ph.D. Qualifying Examination for Linguistics—Saudade Gezellig
  On the Two Main Types of Computational Linguists—J. Random Linguist
  Handy Definitions for Newcomers to the Field of Linguistics—Ken Miner and David J. Peterson
  New Methods in Linguistic Laboratory Acquisition—Anthesteria Dionysia
  Out of the Mouths of Linguists—Namtrah Nevets

Look What the Doggerel Dragged In
  I Think That I Shall Never See—Bill Spruiell
  The Compleat Linguist—John-Boy Walton
  When I Heard the Learn’d Linguist—Sophrosyne Enchiridion
  English on the edge—Terence MacNamee
  Nursery Rhymes From Linguistics Land—Yune O. Hūū, II

The Immoral Imperative Mood
  More Murphy’s Laws for Linguists—Trey Jones & Bill Spruiell
  Ten New Commandments for Linguists—Trey Jones, et al.

And Now a Word from Our Sponsor
  New Advances in Morpheme Detoxification—D.O.G.M.A.
  The Phone-of-the-Month Club—Advertisement
  !Kanga Tribal Research Resort—Terry Mulkern

What Do You Mean, “Illogical”?
  What Part of ‘No’ Don’t You Understand?—Strang Burton
  Another Snag in Semantic Theory—Benoît de Cornulier
  Everything Logicians Need to Know about Linguistics, but are (Posited to be) Afraid to Ask—Keith Slater, Trey Jones, and Two Anonymous Linguists from Omaha
  Logical Fallacies for Winning Arguments and Influencing Decisions—F. “Al” Lacie, Ph.D.

Describing the Theoretically Indescribable
  When Bad Informants Happen to Good Linguists—Michael M. T. Henderson
  Two Varieties of Stromboli—Michael M. T. Henderson
  First Footsteppings into the Barvalian Language—Metalleus

Effing the Theoretically Ineffable
  On Google, Wikipedia, and The Development of The Internet—Fædrus Ϙ. Χ. Plaid’oh
  More Glimpses into the Collective Subconscious—Fom Pop
  On the Continuing Obvious Superiority of Relational Networks in Representing Just About Anything—S.M. Lockwood and D.G. Lamb
  Regarding the Development and Decay of Mongolian Vowel Harmony: with Special Reference to Copernicus and Galileo—Robert I. Binnick

Not So New Media
  Minimalism: The Movie—David Ingram
  Word-TV—Brought to You by Unaccountable Network Executives
  The Olde Yankee Grammarian—Elan Dresher
  False Friends—Trey Jones

  Collateral Descendant of Lingua Pranca—Style Sheet and Submission Guidelines—Eddy Turr

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