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The Phone-of-the-Month Club

No, no.. we’re not suggesting you get a new cell phone every month! We’ll leave that to those iPhone guys. Rather, this is an opportunity for you to learn something exciting every month about one of the many sounds found in that magnificent menagerie of human languages.

A New Confident You!

Following in the grand tradition of the Language-of-The-Month Club (over 1 Million satisfied customers have learned about hundreds of languages over the years), the Phone-of-the-Month Club offers you a sure-fire way to avoid those embarrassing situations we’ve all found ourselves in: someone is talking about the non-distinctive phonetic variation of the palatal lateral approximants in some language they are studying, and you are having trouble remembering exactly how to make that sound.

When An “r” Is Not Just An /ɹ/

Or you encounter an “r”, and that pesky categorical perception you developed learning to speak your native tongue flawlessly is interfering with your ability to tell if it is a regular old approximant or a tap or a trill, whether it is alveolar, retroflex, or even uvular. That kind of problem gets old, old, old and fast, fast, fast.

All This For Less Than $1.50 A Day

That’s right, for significantly less than what you might spend on coffee each day, you can get a fabulous monthly Phone-of-the-Month package, which includes:

Beginner Or Expert

Our Beginner Package for the IPA novice starts with the most common sounds of your native language that can be represented with standard Latin characters available on your standard computer keyboard, and slowly expands your phonetic horizons beyond anything you have dreamt of!

If you have already conquered the basics of the IPA, we also have an Expert Package that starts with the more complicated sounds and symbols!

Fill out the order form below to start your subscription ($41.99 per month) to the Phone-of-the-Month Club!

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Choose one:Basic or Expert
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1 We couldn’t figure it out under Windows for most IPA symbols either. Sorry.

New Advances in Morpheme Detoxification—D.O.G.M.A.
!Kanga Tribal Research Resort—Terry Mulkern
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