The Cover SpecGram / Lingua Pranca Archives


Edited by

T. Ernst & E. Smith

Originally reproduced by the
Indiana University Linguistics Club
310, Lindley Hall
Bloomington, Indiana 47405

November, 1979

Reproduced on the SpecGram website by
permission of the editors and the original publisher.

  Introduction—Tom Ernst & Evan Smith

How Much is that Dogma in the Window?
  The Abstract Abstract—Edith Maxwell
  On Being Further Tempted From Go to Went—Bernard Comrie
  Spore Theory: A Contribution to the Study of the Biological Foundations of Natural Language—David Athletesfoot
  A Taxonomy of Argument Schemata in Metatheoretical Discussion of Syntax or Name That Tune—G.R.A.M.M.A.R.
  A New Basic Word Order: VOV—Arnold P. Fasnacht
  On Being Polite to Women in Slavic Languages—Émil Schouwiniste-Pigge

Quote While You’re Ahead
  Great Moments in Linguistic History
  Lesser-Known Quotes on Meaning—Th. R. Hofmann
  T-Shirt Logos—Peggy McCardle and Ruth Armentrout
  Pseudo-Dictionary of Pseudo-Linguistic Pseudo-Terminology—D*LF*N

Going Around in Linguistic Circles
  “Language” Characteristics in Certain Higher Primates (Professors of Education)—Charles Bishop
  You’ll Be A Master Polyglot Once You’ve Signed Up To Be A Member Of The Language-Of-The-Month Club—Bruno Dončikov
  O Science Method—Metalleus
  Expansions of Murphy’s Law for Linguists (mostly)—Metalleus
  (Untitled)—James D. McCawley
  A Neurolinguistic Analysis of Sex and Second Language Learning: A Note—Loraine Obler
  The Great Yale Autodescriptives List—Michael A. Covington

Scene-Arias, or All the World’s a Stage
  As the Word Turns—Tom Ernst and Evan Smith
  My Fair Linguist, or Male-Pygion—Tom Ernst and Evan Smith

How Time Flies When You’re Having Phones
  German in Indo-European—Namtrah Nevets
  Speech Errors as Evidence for Historical Generative Phonology—Joseph Paul Stemberger
  Reconstructing the Proto-Indo-Europeans—Joseph Paul Stemberger

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