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You’ll Be A Master Polyglot Once You’ve Signed Up To Be A Member Of The Language-Of-The-Month Club

Bruno Dončikov

Have you ever picked up a newspaper from Baluchistan and wondered just what language it was written in? Have your neighbors ever taunted you with your lack of knowledge about Guaranian participles? Or did you ever get caught at an MLA cocktail party not knowing your Juang from your Wolof?

A New Confident You!

Then you know just how embarrassing not knowing what a modern language like Pashto looks like is. You’re the sort of person we had in mind when we created the Language-of-the-Month Club (Linguamens, Inc.). Once a month (twice in December for Christmas gift-giving) you will be sent a genuine photostatic copy of a page from our famous catalogue Languages of the World (3rd edition), which includes—

All This For Only 14¢ A Day!

You may be saying to yourself that this must be expensive. Well, friend and interested scholar of modern languages, you couldn’t be any further from the truth. For only $3.95 (US) per month, we will add your name to the list of people who regularly receive a window on the world of language.

This is an extraordinary buy for everyone, from ambulance attendants (“Decipher the words on that pill bottle lying next to that recently expired exotic foreigner!”) to xenophobists (“Know where the threat originates!”).

Send in the coupon and a check or money order for $3.95 (no stamps, please) now!

Send to: Dončikov Enterprises
(Division of Textron)
Box E
Providence, RI 02912
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“Language” Characteristics in Certain Higher Primates (Professors of Education)—Charles Bishop
O Science Method—Metalleus
Son of Lingua Pranca Contents