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They said it couldn’t be done!

And it couldn’t. So instead, we decided to do a sequel to Lingua Pranca. You may notice that this volume is shorter than its predecessor, but then you’d expect sons to be smaller than parentsat least we were. We’re not anymore, though. But we digress. If it is shorter, this is just because we don’t have as many articles as last time.

However, like its Dad, Son of Lingua Pranca is not short on variety.1 We’ve got parodies, plays, quotes, and slogans, anything for a laugh. Along with the many new contributors, we welcome back several veterans from Lingua Pranca and thank them for once again risking their reputations, or sticking out their academic necks, if you will.2

Like the last time, we utilized our linguistic training to the fullest and categorized the uncategorizable, putting the articles into five sections. This was far superior to our original feature analysis, and besides, it makes for a nice round number.

We had fun with it. Now it’s your turn.

Tom Ernst & Evan Smith

1 The very spice of life. (Bartlett’s Familiar Quotations, Boston, Little, Brown & Co., 1948, p.265).

2 If you won’t, that’s just tough.

The Abstract Abstract—Edith Maxwell
Son of Lingua Pranca Contents