On Being Polite to Women in Slavic Languages—Émil Schouwiniste-Pigge Son of Lingua Pranca Contents Lesser-Known Quotes on Meaning—Th. R. Hofmann

Great Moments in Linguistic History


Volume 1 Number 1

1.    All participating soldiers didn’t die in many of the battles.
A. Kroch
2.    John has dated a woman such that she loves every man.
B. Partee
3.    Every man who loses his pen who finds it afterwards walks slowly.
B. Partee
4.    If a preposed NP serves as the antecedent for a pronoun in the same sentence which is too close to it, the sentence is unacceptable.
T. Wasow
is Mary.
B. Partee
6.    It has often been pointed out that, in standard treatments of there-insertion in which there is inserted as an NP, it is a complete accident that there and not, say, spaghetti or banjo, is the inserted item.
L. Jenkins
7.    ...it is an accident that it is the two morphemes do and so, in that order, which show up when a verb phrase is pronominalized. The rule would be no more highly valued if it introduced these morphemes in the reverse order, or only one of them, or some random string of them, or some other random morphemes, like hootchie cootchie.
*The House has already drafted a bill, and the Senate is at this moment hootchying cootchie.
J. R. Ross
8.    It fails to explain why there is inserted and not, say, chop suey, or whether the there that is inserted is the same as the deictic there, or what relation the two bear to each other.
J. Kimball
9.    I believe of Holland that the tulips are beautiful.
R. Jackendoff
10.    The man who did yesterday will climb Mount Tutte-Grothendieck again tomorrow.
R. Fiengo
11.    Of course, if Amerindian languages run to names for things, this is an interesting fact, however the languages developed this characteristic. The tendency would do something to structure the minds of the users of the language, perhaps instilling a tendency to respect objective reality, for example, which some competent students believe to be characteristic of many Amerindian tongues. (p. 53)
Language in America, Charlton LairdProf. Emeritus of English, University of Nevada
12.    On Tuesday Leo had joined the band on Sunday.
C. Smith
13.    We gave [the boys all] books.
H. Lasnik and R. Fiengo
14.    Bill beats every donkey if he owns it.
L. Carlson and J. Hintikka

On Being Polite to Women in Slavic Languages—Émil Schouwiniste-Pigge
Lesser-Known Quotes on Meaning—Th. R. Hofmann
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