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Speculative Grammarian

Volume CXCIII, Number 3

January 2024

ISSN: 1938-0720

  The Dark Side of Our ABC’sα-Betty Abū Gida
  Letters to the Editor
  /nuz baɪts/
  LinguimericksBook ९७
  Overheard in the Linguistics Student LoungeChesterton Wilburfors Gilchrist, IV
  Improving the Plural of SheepTrent Slater
  Οὕτως-ism, a Linguistic-Ecclesiastical SchismBish Ap Rick and Mini Szter
  Effolk DialectJimmypedia
  Roll the Random-o-tron of Linguistics Questions!Ron “The Diceman” McPokertron
  Retrofuturological Linguistics, Part IThe Future of Linguistics as Seen from the PastM’Thoozela Oldman and Azhi Dahāka
  How to (Not?) Cause Offence with LinguisticsBook Announcement from Psammeticus Press
  Mix & Match ☞☞Max & Mitch Ninelette
  Nerdword’ll, Part IIIReg X. Woolery
  Previous Puzzle SolutionsThe SpecGram Puzzle Elves™