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P s a m m e t i c u s   Q u a r t e r l y

Volume XVI, Number 3
May 1989

Dedicated to the first and purest of linguistic
   inquirers. One might criticize his methods, but who could   
quibble with his results?

  From the Editors
  Vox Populi—Letters to the Editor
  Mountain Dialect Baffles East European Phonologists—G. D. Duvkal
  The Effect of Coffee Consumption on Adults’ Average MLU at the Breakfast Table—Suzy X.
  Null Grammar: A Lexico-centric Approach—Keith W. Slater
  The Effect of Lax Rearing Practices on Speech Patterns—Douglas S. Files
  Reconstructed Proto-Franco-Sino-Indonesian—Tim Pulju
  The Geological/Climatological Significance of Finno-Ugric Roots in Colloquial Dolphin—Flembleyt Ismeretlen
  Noam Chomsky’s Syntactic Structures (Review)—Robert E. Lee
  Positions Available—Advertisement

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