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The Geological/Climatological Significance of Finno-Ugric Roots in Colloquial Dolphin

Since the publication of Drs. Orultseg and Nemmeggyozu’s thesis, “Links between Proto-Dolphin and Proto-Finno-Ugric, Proven beyond Doubt,” there has been a storm of controversy. Because of this, scholars have missed the vast implications of Orultseg and Nemmeggyozu’s discoveries for our understanding of European geological and climatological history. I wish to outline those implications.

  1. Since the homeland of the proto-Finno-Ugrians, Urheimat, was at the base of the Ural Mountains, near the Caspian Sea, we must conclude that the Dolphins originated in the Caspian Sea.
  2. Since the Dolphins are salt water mammals, we must conclude that the Caspian was once a salt sea. (Editor’s note: the Caspian is in fact a salt sea today. This only serves to strengthen the author’s theory.)
  3. Since there are no longer any Dolphins in the Caspian Sea, we must conclude that there was once a river flowing from this sea to the ocean.
  4. Since there is a large river bed under the Volga River, which now flows into the Caspian, and Dolphin shows greater affinity to Mordvin, Cheremis, and Estonian, all associated with the Volga, than it does to Ostyak, Magyar, and Finnish, we must conclude that the Volga once flowed south to north, from the Caspian to the Gulf of Bothnia.
  5. For the Volga to have flowed south to north, the Caspian must once have been higher than the Gulf of Bothnia, and there must have once been no mountain ranges between the two.
  6. Finally, since Dolphins need a warm climate, we must conclude that either,
    1. the equator once ran through Riga and Volgograd, or
    2. the ice age was in fact a jungle period.
Comments upon this paper are welcome and should be directed to the author, to Dr. Orultseg at Bolondhelyi University, or to Dr. Nemmeggyozu at Ketes College.

Flembleyt Ismeretlen University of Elmebeteg

Reconstructed Proto-Franco-Sino-Indonesian—Tim Pulju
Noam Chomsky’s Syntactic Structures (Review)—Robert E. Lee
Ps. Q. Vol XVI, No 3 Contents