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Speculative Grammarian

Volume CXCIII, Number 1

June 2023

ISSN: 1938-0720

  Buona Fortuna, Italiano!The Editorial Board of Speculative Grammarian
  Letters to the Editor
  /nuz baɪts/
  A Poem About Syntax, Discontinuities InDeedles D’Dee
  LinguimericksBook ९५
  Overheard in the Linguistics Student LoungeChesterton Wilburfors Gilchrist, IV
  Trapezity: a modest proposal for a new typological categoryNathan W. Hill
  Nouvelles avancées sur l’étude de la trapézitéNew advances in the study of trapezityJoseph Vertmont
  The SpecGram Linguistic Advice Collective
  SpecGram Dictionary of the Linguistics of Mythological BeastsVolume 123: The VampireB. Summers & T. Belmont
  In the 8th CircleFound among the papers of Dante Alighieri by Gabriel Lanyi
  How to Reply to Meaningless Conversational Openers: Authenticity Without ImpolitenessA Linguistic ApproachIan P. Lightness, N. Auden, T. Szitty
  Mix & Match ※※Max & Mitch Ninelette
  Nerdword’ll, Part IReg X. Woolery
  Previous Puzzle SolutionsThe SpecGram Puzzle Elves™