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Buona Fortuna, Italiano!

The Editorial Board of Speculative Grammarian

The Editorial Board of Speculative Grammarian fully endorses the latest proposed language purity law, this time originating in the home of the beautiful Italian language. In short, the legislation, endorsed by prime minister (at this writing) Giorgia Meloni, promises to penalize any use of English or other foreign words in official communications.

As experts in linguistic affairs, we encourage the Italian government to adopt this legislation, and to enforce it rigorously. Many non-Italian languages have appropriated Italian words and debased them. Such tainted vocabulary should be avoided at all costs in Pure Italian.

For example, the following nefarious English words, appropriated by Anglologues and spread throughout the world with demeaningly non-Italian cultural connotations, should receive particular attention when the legislation is enforced: alto, aria, bravo, cello, opera, quartet, magenta, replica, villa, stanza, scenario, studio, biscotti, espresso, cappuccino, gorgonzola, latte, minestrone, pizza, stiletto, bordello, casino, ghetto, bimbo, lava, influenza, malaria, intaglio, padre, ditto, inferno, paparazzi, pronto, vendetta.

Cleansing Italian of these words (and many like them), which have been degraded by speakers of foreign tongues, will rescue Italian from the ignominious fate suffered by so many of the world’s minor languages.

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