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Speculative Grammarian

Volume CLXXXIV, Number 3

May 2019

ISSN: 1938-0720

  Things We All Take for GrantedA Letter from Supernumerary Editor Weirahl Innitto Gaither
  /nuz baɪts/
  LinguimericksBook ६२
  Geothermal Influences on Second-Person ClusivityPele Vulcan
  Thank You, Philosophy of LanguageThe Third Autonomous Bilborough Linguistics Circle
  Linguistic Old Wives TalesSarah M. Isaac
  The Decline of Academic Language DepartmentsWhom Can We Blame?Very Nearly a SpecGram Roundtable Discussion
  Diary of a XenolinguistSo-She Hat’O
  Snot-Caked Coke Nuggets XXIIIAdvertisement
  SpecGram Classifieds
  Pseudo-QMark Mandel & Trey Jones