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The Journal of the Linguistic Society
of South-Central New Caledonia

Volume I   Number 4
August 1991

Tim Pulju

Douglas S. Files      Robert C. Norris
Edwin J. Goff   Lynn D. Poulton
David J. Kathman   Keith W. Slater
Aya X. Katz   William C. Spruiell

  Publication Information
  On Posture And Expletives—Uriah Dillsworth
  Ndaba Forms of Address—Hiroko Watanabe
  Presidential Speech Disorders—James McCullough
  Is Manateean a Delphinic Creole?—Horatio Phocaena
  “Hoist ’er up and let ’er rip”: Androcentrism further Explored—Lynn Poulton
  Saussure and Bloomfield: The Question of Influence—Tim Pulju
  The Role of Language in Telepathic Communication—Gebhard von Blucher and Moira Daugherty
  Review of Mathematical Games, Puzzles, and Fallacies by Sydney Lamb—Henry Morgan
  Poetry Corner: The Sinking Of Linear Thinking—Aya Katz

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