Gaugauh Kamadugha — JLSSCNC Vol I, No 4 Contents On Posture And Expletives—Uriah Dillsworth

Publication Information

As evidenced by the volume of mail in our mailbox, many subscribers have noticed that the current issue of Gaugauh Kamadugha is late. For that matter, so was Vol. I No. 3. The reason is that, due to upheavals in the Soviet Union, we have lost our Comintern subsidy and so are short of funds. The Publications Committee of the LSSCNC is working on the problem but has not yet found a solution. One option under consideration is selling the journal (we have had one offer of $1,000,000, which we may accept).

All of these matters will be decided before the first number of Vol. II comes out. This volume, by the way, will be under new editorship. Current editor Tim Pulju is handing on his duties to Keith Slater and Rob Norris of the University of California at Santa Barbara, who will assume complete control of publication and distribution as well as chairmanship of the editorial board. One reason for the delay in deciding our journal's fate was that the editors should obviously have a major say in the process. Since elections for new editors weren't held until late August, we couldn't begin serious discussion until recently.

The upshot of all this is that subscribers should contact the new editors to renew subscriptions (which will probably still be free) or for any other communications concerning the journal. They may be reached at:

Dept. of Linguistics
Santa Barbara CA

[Editor’s note: As the astute reader will have deduced, Messrs. Slater and Norris are no longer publishing JLSSCNC. The Linguistics Department of UCSB has asked that you not bother them with submissions to JLSSCNC. Any submissions which would have been appropriate for JLSSCNC would be appropriate for SpecGram.—eds.]

On Posture And Expletives—Uriah Dillsworth
Gaugauh Kamadugha — JLSSCNC Vol I, No 4 Contents