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Speculative Grammarian

Volume CXCI, Number 4

March 2022

ISSN: 1938-0720

  Thank You for Taking Our SurveyThe Collective Perlustration of Historical and Prospective Jocundity Potentials in Elite Satirical Linguistics JournalsA Letter from the Editor-in-Chief
  Letters to the Editor
  /nuz baɪts/
  Bʀoᴋɛɴ Nɛws Nɛᴛwoʀᴋ
  LinguimericksBook ९०
  Þe ⟨ð⟩-er ⟨þ⟩-y QuestionÞeedles Þ’Þee
  Against CapitalismNorman van der Dorp, PhD
  In Defense of CapitalismAdora Urbano, PhD
  Evidence for a Contemporary Language Shift in Progress: The English PassiveVloor Vorth
  The “Brezel-Rätsel”: How Sign Language Linguistics Can Solve Real-World ProblemsFabian Bross
  Presenting The SpecGram Quiz to End All Quizzes
  An Exciting Linguistics Investment Opportunity!Advertisement
  /hʌnikom pʌzəl/Ulfheðnar ber Sarkur
  Out of CharacterElizabeth Cash