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/hʌnikom pʌzəl/

Ulfheðnar ber Sarkur

Here is an amusing little puzzle to pass the time as we wait for spring to arrive in the Northern hemisphere. The bees have taken the notion of “proverbial honey” a little too literally! They have plucked a quote’s string of pollen-covered phonemes out of the air and embedded it into their honeycomb.

The bees have placed the phonemes in contiguous honeycomb cells in their original order, but without any other obvious rhyme or reasonperhaps it makes sense to one who is fluent in Waggle Dance? Perhaps not. Can you extract the original phonological string?

If you’ve figured out the answer, submit your solutionin either phonological or orthographic formto the editors of SpecGram by April 1, 2022, and you could win a prize. Solutions and winners will be announced in the next issue of SpecGram.

Note: Your dialect and/or transcription system may vary.

Hint: The title of this little game is not [ˈhʌ.niː.ˌkˣõʊ̃m ˈpʰʌz.l̩].

An Exciting Linguistics Investment Opportunity!Advertisement
Out of CharacterElizabeth Cash
SpecGram Vol CXCI, No 4 Contents