Psycho-Etymologist Seeking A New Friend For Romantic Friendship

Bom dia!!!!! I’m Reid.

I have had scores of hobbies and recreations across my time on earth, although they seem to vary with time. Currently I like to poach fierce otters as they live and play, practice speaking the hardest language I know of, Yonaguni, add to my radio collection, and go rollerblading.

This is a picture, taken by my father Eerd, of me when I was about eight years old.

My stuff dwells in the Bahamas, and I tolerate it. I would, weather permitting, prefer to be making merry near New Caledonia, where I frequently go geocaching, go snowboarding, go canoeing, and do origami.

I make my income as a repairman. I am a halfhearted part-time linguist. My desire in the future is to crack primeval Murcian writings using an applied dextro-syntax gymno-sopho-foundation.

À voir!


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