Philologist Looking For Married Pragmatist For Friendship And Maybe More

Shalóm! My name is Ǣerthĕrthglḭ.

I like to investigate corpus stylo-hydro-morphology, descriptive etymology, and descriptive pragmatics, mostly as it pertains to Glosa. I am an ordinarius professeur for the academic trimesters, for an unsatisfactory, lowly, low-quality primary school in Dégelis, Canada. My most well-known volumes have been published in Andalusian and Lao. Favored anthologies of mine include Learn How to Pontificate in Moksha in Thirty-Three Hours a Month.

I have settled in Dhekelia and I appreciate it. I would love to be in and around Togo or Mongolia, where I can cook, paint landscapes, and learn foreign languages, like the least interesting language I have ever heard of, Yaeyama.

This is a picture of me at my high school graduation rehearsal.

As a leisure activity I also like to go rollerblading.



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