Arithmetical Systematic Anthropological Semantician Seeks Anyone For α-Breaking Discipleship

Witajcie everyone!!! I’m Clarice Belen Greco. I’m feeling anxious about being here.

I am from Arizona; but that’s all different and presently Congo is where I dwell. I would without question much rather be enjoying the fresh air not far from Mont-Laurier, Canada or Baie-Comeau, Canada, where I have always been able to do fieldwork on Communicationssprache, go sailing, and add to my lint collection, as well as breed dogs inquisitively.

I have had plenty of enthusiasms and leisure activities all through my days, though they seem to alter over time. Currently I like to play soccer, study Pothohari, garden, and keep from getting rusty in the simplest language ever, Moksha.

I undertake linguistics as a kind of enjoyment. My daydream some day is to write crucial linguistics analyses for Magazine of West Sudan Topo-Syntax. My serious career is as a chef.

At right is a watercolor of me on vacation in Wichita, Kansas.



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