Morphologist Is Seeking A Blink-182-Quoting Etymologist For Friendship And Maybe More

Bună, let me to introduce myself, I am Logan. Up ’til this point it’s been way good to be doing this.

My stuff has settled in Podgorica, Montenegro and I live and work there, too, and I despise it. I would rather be around Marrakech, Morocco, where I frequently paint watercolors, research my family’s ancestors, and learn foreign languages, like Kalasha-Ala, as well as joust safely.

My day job is as a specialist. I am an occasional grammarian. I write cheerful linguistics critiques for Älmplúakian Philology Anals or Heestthaēbskååfåxian Para-Syntax Babes.

Although they seem to evolve with the times, I have had diverse leisure activities and recreations across my lifetime. These days I like to go hiking, go cycling, work on new conlangs, and go hiking.

This’s a picture, taken by my homeboy Emerson, of me at my grad school graduation party.

Shalom, y’all!!


Link here: SpecGram Personals #M978028

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