Sociolinguist Seeks A Tony Orlando-Quoting Etymologist As A Fieldwork Partner

What’s up you guys? Let me to introduce myself, I am Randell.

Naples, Italy is where my heart is. At the present time I am settled in Berlin, Germany. I would plainly rather be hanging out around Saint-Ours, Canada, where I regularly go climbing, talk to a well-known speaker of Lambadi, and study Western Neo-Aramaic or Konda.

At right is a snap of me from last weekend.

I expect I am not in actuality a linguist. I have been yearning for my opening to display my extravagantly bold speculation which can nonpermanently reorganize discourse analysis. My serious profession is as a rivener.

For a good time I like to add to my ephemera collection, and joust, too.



Link here: SpecGram Personals #M9594

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