Semantician Seeks Philologist For Self-Destructive And Muddled Relationship

‘sup you guys? Please let me to introduce myself, my name is Nicolas Asa Farnsworth.

I am a semantician.

I reside in Montenegro and I hate it. I would like to be relaxing near the Marshall Islands, where I welcome the good luck to visit the library; or soothing my nerves in and around Turkmenistan, where I usually watch fluorescent peacocks, play paintball, go kayaking, and do fieldwork on the often misunderstood language Supyire Senoufo.

I have included a snapshot of me on vacation in Pekalongan, Indonesia.

My avocations take in keeping from getting rusty in Bete and the most complex language I know, Choctaw, fossil hunting, and gardening.

Auf wiedersehen!


Link here: SpecGram Personals #M95278

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