Married Discourse Analyst Seeks A Bette Midler-Quoting Sociolinguist For Semantically Meaningful Or Beautific Tongue Exercises

As they say in Komi-Zyrian, ûodrẽerlirzwang! I’m Loyd Gresham-Ingram. It is brilliant to be trying this.

My possessions live in Helsinki, Finland. I would much rather be entertaining friends in the vicinity of Iraq or the US Virgin Islands, where I must go hill walking.

I’ve included a photo, taken by my best friend Andres, of me from about this time of year four years ago.

I’m an over-used distinguished professore for a terrific comprehensive elementary school in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. My most esteemed titles have been written about Quechua. Most-liked workbooks of mine include Rational right-brained generative Morphology for the Tearful Descriptive Syntactician and Accessible Innate documentary Sociolinguistics in Danish. My most famous research has been in simulo-lingu-neuro-semantics.

I have had innumerable pastimes and passions all through my life span, however they seem to transform with time. At the moment I like to talk to the last native speaker of Teso, and learn a little more the best language I know, Spanish.

God be with ye!!


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