Single Phonologist Seeks Single/Divorced Linguist For Long-Distance Courtship

Hola. My name is Jeremiah Lazaro Roserop Townsendlof.

My parents came from Colombia. Nowadays I live and work in Ludhiana, India. Surprisingly I would love to be loving life near Transnistria or French Polynesia, where I have always dreamed of being able to go kayaking, go geocaching, poach housebroken giraffes, and learn a little more Románico or Northeastern Thai.

My avocations encompass visiting museums, playing soccer, and talking on the CB radio.

I have included a snap of me at my junior high school graduation rehearsal.

My most breathtaking fieldwork has been in neuro-phonology and descriptive phrenology, substantially as it impacts the pre-history of Sanskrit. I’m a research directeur de recherche through the fall, winter, and spring semesters, in Longueuil, Canada, at a second-class rural tertiary school. I have more than one hundred treatises to my name. My least legendary volumes include Ossified Designs in Nosy Linguistics.

Hasta luego!


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