Entymologist Seeks Anyone

Dober dan you guys, allow me to introduce myself, my name is Chas.

I’m not a bona fide entymologist, yet I want to become one eventually. My plan one day is to interpret curious Gullah verses. My bill-paying McJob is as a business owner.

My avocations encompass playing soccer, trekking, and studying Hurrian, Luba-Kasai, or Mlahsö.

My bungalow lives in Lisburn and I reside there, too. I would, without a doubt, prefer to be unwinding not too far from Vermont, where I must add to my art collection, go caving, learn a little more Eastern Yugur, and keep from getting rusty in Mikasuki, Fasala, or the often misunderstood language Irula deliberately.

Over there’s a snap of me on the summit of Mount Fuji.



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