Single Linguist Looking For Phrenologist As A Research Co-Author

Sveiki you guys! I’m Jude Baugh. I’m feeling damn unahppy about trying this. I’m afraid to imagine this will go nicely.

I’m a fondly appreciated catedrático fellow for the duration of the non-summer months, at a large secondary school in Chongqing, China. I do a good deal of my research in prescriptive sociolinguistics, applied syntax, and neuro-morphology, expressly in Armenian and Tanaina. I’ve more than fifty anthologies on my publications list. My most unrecognized anthologies include A Preamble to Concepts in Descriptive Philology and Linguistics for the Callous Historical Linguist.

I’ve included a snap of me on the job.

I have made my home in Hawaii. I would, without a doubt, prefer to be having fun in the vicinity of Qatar, where I rejoice in the leisure to add to my stamp collection, go caving, and crochet gladly.

My pastimes include doing fieldwork on Nyankore and Ket, and waterskiing.



Link here: SpecGram Personals #M824741

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