Syntactician Seeks Single Discourse Analyst For Romantic Fling

What’s up you guys? My name is Marcos A. Windhamly-McGregor.

This is a illustration of me imitating Rhys Darby for Hallowe’en about two months ago.

I aspire to linguistics as a manner of recreation. I aim, in the fullness of time, to write light linguistics pieces for the International Journal of Speech Technology or Nostrato-European Linguistics, but never Visual Communication! My other career is as a public relations officer.

I am from Putrajaya, Malaysia; today I have taken up residence in French Polynesia. Needless to say, I would rather be vacationing close to Idaho, where my best friend and I regularly go for long walks, and add to my sofa collection.

My leisure activities involve looking at fluorescent swordfish as they celebrate life, rock climbing, trainspotting, and painting watercolors.



Link here: SpecGram Personals #M779415

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