Single Discourse Analyst Seeks Discourse Analyst For Parameter-Enhancing Fling

Hello there you guys! My name is Nelson Elvis van der Roberts-Vargas, IV. I figure this will go nicely.

I’ve included a photograph of me at my obnoxious little brother Morris’s wedding.

I analyze linguistics as a leisure pursuit. My plan one day is to decipher novel Kurumba storybooks using a generative semantics ento-chrono-basis. My serious profession is as a headmaster.

I have settled in Fiji. I would rather be enjoying myself near Ghana, where I usually go cycling, add to my crystal collection, and hunt rocks gracefully.

However they seem to change over time, I have had some leisure activities and interests throughout my life span. These days I like to joust, add to my Star Trek collection, and learn a little more Lunda.



Link here: SpecGram Personals #M76897

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