Single Phonologist Seeks A New Friend For Semantically Meaningful Or Meaningful Coauthorship

Nazdar. I’m Julius.

Although they seem to change over time, I have had many hobbies and diversions across my time on earth. Now I like to study Pashtu or Ge’ez, and cook.

I have included a photo of me in my free and easy grad school days.

My belongings live in Hamilton, Canada and I work and live there, too. Not surprisingly I would rather be letting my hair down near Norway or Somaliland, where I adore the chance to paint landscapes, talk on the CB radio, study the easiest language ever, Low German, and go antiquing softly.

I engage in linguistics as a diversion. I publish disrespectful pragmatics critiques for Estudios de Sociolingüística. I publish satirical linguistics columns for Teaching English as A Second Language or Morphologistaux ug Semanticianisteria, as well. I subsist as a fishmonger.

I’m gone!!1!


Link here: SpecGram Personals #M765202

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