Divorced Phonologist Seeking Married Semantician For Long-Distance Apprenticeship

Ciao y’all, I am Mascôphrīäj T. Sandovalwahl.

I’ve included a snapshot of me on the job.

I am a phonologist. I need a less impressive office nearer a window.

I also like to practice speaking Bosnian or my least favorite language, Mahl, visit the library, and learn foreign languages, like Serbian, Lakhota, or the most complex language ever, Orok.

I have been in Norway for my whole cuddly life and I resent it. Of course, I would unquestionably prefer to be visiting in and around Palau or West Virginia, where my friends and I like to do fieldwork on the often misunderstood language Roro, visit the library, and dance, as well as visit the library tenderly.



Link here: SpecGram Personals #M752684

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