Morphologist Seeks Philologist For Heart-Shaking Relationship

Bok everyone, I’m Will Vinesmark.

I have included a picture of me from the fall of 1949.

My pastimes include bouldering, flying kites, and sculpting, as well as keeping from getting rusty in French or Laz.

Most recently I’ve been looking into the areas of descriptive morphology. When school is in session I slave away as an overqualified associado dekan in Rawalpindi, Pakistan, at a rinky-dink college. My least esteemed tomes have been authored in Bhili and Zoque. Best-known volumes of mine include Lipan Apache and Wacky Morphology and A Roomy Inquiry into Flippant Elements of Classy Syntax. I have authored broadly, in sundry languages (notably Nagarchal and Judeo-Persian).

I have lived and worked in Tuvalu all of my zippy life and I suffer through it. Naturally, I would love to be resting around Singapore, where I regularly learn a little more Greenlandic or Sorbian, go snowboarding, and add to my CD collection, as well as do fieldwork on Tongva.

Kol tuv!!


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