Single Etymologist Is Looking For That Special Someone

Wassup y’all? I am Harley Marcus Blackstrom. I hope this shall go smoothly.

I delve into linguistics as a category of leisure. I’m gathering a ninety-seven-part explanatory lexicon of Judeo-Spanish, Sheshi, and maybe French. I work as an exterminator.

I hang my hat in Japan and I detest it. I would sooner be having the time of my life near Lithuania.

I have had a lot of recreations and avocations throughout my life, even though they seem to adjust over time. Currently I like to visit the library, visit the library, and go surfing, as well as go sailing.

At right is a photo of me at my homegirl Shoshana’s eighty-second anniversary party.

God be with ye!


Link here: SpecGram Personals #M717558

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