Single Phonologist Seeking Single Entymologist As A Fieldwork Partner And For Intense Indentureship

What’s up everyone? I am Jordon Ŏȧsprosclǐŋ Õøpweelbphoel.

This is a drawing of me when I was about seven years old.

I have had sundry leisure activities and diversions all through my lifetime, even though they seem to alter over time. Currently I like to quilt, add to my art collection, and practice speaking Ido.

I am a cheerful phonologist. I must work one hundred hours a week. And I need a bigger abacus, as well.

St. Petersburg, Florida is my home and I adore it. As you would expect I would rather be in and around Syria, where I can go to the RenFest, play racquetball, and go for long walks, as well as go antiquing faithfully; or having fun not too far from Comoros, where I have always dreamed of being able to do origami.

Fare thee well!


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