Wow! This Is The One You Want To Take Home With You!

Goedendag you guys, I am Odis Ǎåuöv Leavitt Tirado. I presume this will go to plan.

My money-making position is as a proofreader. I’m not a bona fide linguist. I aim one day to figure out pedestrian Aleut texts.

I am from Granby, Canada; after my last move I call Ajaccio, France my home. I would, weather permitting, like to be having the time of my life in and around New York City, New York, where I usually go backpacking, go rock climbing, and cook.

I have included a photograph of me at the Sixty-Sixth Georgetown University Round Table on Languages and Linguistics.

However they seem to change over time, I have had billions of leisure pursuits and amusements all through my life. Now I like to add to my art collection, add to my bric-a-brac collection, and breed dogs, as well as add to my art collection.

Toodle pip!!


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