Divorced Entymologist Seeks Single/Divorced Discourse Analyst

Ciao y’all. My name is Marlin Sydney Bryantly.

At right is a drawing of me out for a night out on the town.

Although they seem to change over time, I have had sundry recreations and hobbies across my time on earth. These days I like to study abused toucans as they live and play, go trekking, and practice speaking Lingua Franca Nova.

My stuff lives in Ecuador. I would rather be sitting back around Melbourne, Australia, where I take advantage of every chance to crochet, learn a little more Monguor, learn foreign languages, like Judeo-Persian and Washo, and add to my slide rule collection promptly; or whooping it up in and around Kazan, Russia, where my best friend and I frequently go swimming, fly kites, and add to my model plane collection, as well as play soccer.

I earn my money as a gunsmith. I am not a genuine lover of language. In my extra hours I’m compiling a seventy-eight-title traveler’s word list of Tobian.

Auf wiederhören!


Link here: SpecGram Personals #M620702

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