Divorced Sociolinguist Seeks An Anonymous Benefactor For Tongue-Wrenching Sweetheartship

Selam you guys, allow me to introduce myself, my name is Todd Colton Sprȯãerdbrecht Houleer.

For your contemplative joy, this is a photo of me impersonating Kitty Kallen for All Hallows Eve.

I have had tons of leisure activities and interests throughout my lifetime, although they seem to transform with time. At the present time I like to go waterskiing, and check out untamed hawks as they prowl.

My parents came from Edmonton, Canada. But at the moment I work and live in Albania. I would rather be soothing my nerves near the Cayman Islands, where my family and I have always been able to spot trains, and paint watercolors.

I maintain my lifestyle as a wiremonger. I’m a greenhorn language designer. My pipe dream some day is to understand novel Sidamo treatises.



Link here: SpecGram Personals #M568898

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