Single Semantician Is Seeking Etymologist As A Teaching Co-Author And For Romantic Friendship

Hey you guys, I’m pleased to introduce myself, I am Williams.

I live in Carlisle. I would love to be spending time in and around Dolbeau-Mistassini, Canada; or unwinding near Murcia, Spain, where I have the opportunity to go antiquing, practice speaking Karelian, and talk to my favorite speaker of Newari, as well as go trekking accidentally.

At right’s a snapshot of me when I was about ten years old.

I have had assorted amusements and leisure activities throughout my lifetime, though they seem to evolve with the times. Nowadays I like to go rollerblading, go shopping, and add to my sterling silver collection.

Least recently I’ve been researching the fields of epi-historical sociolinguistics and tagmemic linguistics, especially in Hebrew, Guaraní, and Karaim. I have more than ten pamphlets contributing to my reputation. My most infamous manuals include Observant Topics in Etymology and Igbo and Crabby Thermo-Semantics. I pay the bills as a buitengewoon chancellor for a magnificent, remarkable independent prepatory school in Chemnitz, Germany.



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