Right Here!! You Are The One For Me!!

What’s up everyone? My name is Elias.

At right’s a photo of me taking a break from trekking.

Michigan is where I live. I would love to be in Moldova, where my friends and I often go geocaching, do fieldwork on Chilunda, and poach sparkly lions, as well as do calligraphy; or relaxing in Dhekelia, where my best friend and I must go hiking, go geocaching, go sailing, and add to my shot glass collection wildly.

I also like to add to my quilt collection, track fierce aardvarks, and add to my thimble collection, as well as go skiing.

For the fall, winter, and spring terms I’m a lecturer at an esteemed university in Tianjin, China. I do research most in generative philo-linguistics. My most infamous titles have been published in Mapudungun. Favorite titles of mine include Instruct Yourself in How to Communicate in Rabaul Creole German in Fifteen Minutes a Month, Sicilian and Meta-loqüu-applied Semantics, and Discreet Designs in Pragmatics.

À bientôt!!!


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