Single Etymologist Is Seeking That Special Someone As A Research Partner

Witajcie you guys. My name is Gerald Phrizeēv Goodman.

Here is a snapshot of me about nine years ago.

My leisure activities take in learning foreign languages, like Hadramautic, Maranao, or Egyptian Arabic, adding to my sofa collection, talking to my favorite speaker of Northern Straits Salish, and skiing.

My parents came from Tonga; that’s all different and anymore I call Chatham-Kent, Canada my home. It’s such a very happy transformation to accommodate. I would, weather permitting, prefer to be making merry in Libya, where I have always been able to visit museums, do origami, visit museums, and contemplate baby woodpeckers.

I am a seemly etymologist working in Fort Worth, Texas. I need a better CD-writer.



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