Single Statistical Quadratic Psycho-Discourse Analyst Seeks Single Phonologist For Heart-Shifting Fling

Hey you guys. My name is Norbert Varney.

I’m from Nebraska; but today my stuff dwells in Russia. I would without question love to be enjoying myself near Washington D.C, United States or Aberdeen, where I have always dreamed of being able to add to my magazine collection, go for long walks, and study Mandarin, Pardhan, or the simplest language I know of, Fulfulde, as well as go rock climbing smoothly.

I like to check out purple and yellow cheetahs as they frollick, too.

I sustain my lifestyle as a quivermaker. I conjecture I’m not in fact a lover of language, however I thirst to become one some day. I compile critical entymology articles for UnAmerican descriptive Morphology.

Over there is a snap of me at the most recent Congress of Onomastic Sciences.



Link here: SpecGram Personals #M222811

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