Single Etymologist Seeks A New Friend For Friendship

Bula y’all, my name is Donnell Stomǰeembgróo Prealm-Houle, IV. I presume this will go very well.

This is a picture of me in my nutty university days.

I like to visit the library, too.

Chittagong, Bangladesh is where I am settled. I would love to be lounging in Guyana, where my family and I must study Argobba or the often misunderstood language Tanaina, study Mono, Evenk, and Babm, and work on new conlangs, as well as keep from getting rusty in Tangut.

I’m an unshakable greenhorn linguist. For a good time I’ve been forming a language with an out of the ordinary lexical linguistics fundament to get rich, as much in contrast to Tswana or Kirombo, but not Pennsylvania Dutch as is believable. I have been looking forward to my moment to uncloak my splendidly influential supposition which will partly rearrange documentary phrenology, too. I subsist as a reactor engineer.

Kkkkk ... out!


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