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What’s up everyone? I am Talitha Angelina Sharpness.

This’s a painting of me on the summit of Mount Fuji.

I’m not a regular philologist, however I do aspire to be one one of these days. I intend in the long run to transliterate inscrutable Venda hydro-writings. I subsist as a swimming coach.

My avocations include studying Coeur d’Alene, studying Interlingua and Dumaki, skiing, and playing soccer.

My parents came from La Prairie, Canada; but today my possessions have settled in Los Angeles, California. I would probably prefer to be making merry in the area of Lusaka, Zambia, where my best friend and I can go to Renaissance re-enactments, go to RenFests, add to my music box collection, and visit museums violently.

Bis nächste woche!


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