Single Sociolinguist Seeks A New Friend As A Grant-Writing Co-Author

As they say in Urum, /ʈɵ/! I am Chiquita Watkinsthal.

My work is as a sociolinguist for a defective multi-national office in Dhanbad, India. I hate my wistful executives. I am looking for my managers’s role.

I like to compose music, study baby beavers, keep from getting rusty in Teton or Yogur, and research my family’s ancestors for enjoyment, too.

Portsmouth is where my duplex lives. I would, no doubt, prefer to be partying around Vereeniging, South Africa, where my family and I regularly study Asi or Nyoro, practice speaking Sioux or Chintang, and add to my sugar packet collection, as well as crochet.

Over there is a photo of me at my homegirl Mĕst’s retirement party about seven months ago.

I must take leave of you now!!


Link here: SpecGram Personals #F839095

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