Single Phrenologist Seeks A Don Cornell-Obsessed Linguist

Dia dhuit y’all, my name is Lizabeth I. Eoxüefrūskif-Cuellar.

I research linguistics as a leisure activity. I author biting linguistics pieces for Syntax in Gibraltar or Everyday Kayro-Phyto-Etymology, but never the Translation Journal! I am employed as an apiarist.

I come originally from Chad. But as of last week I live in Sarnia, Canada. It is a convenient move for me; despite that, my new motherland is much more horrific than I suspected it to be. I would unquestionably prefer to be chilling out not too distant from Leduc, Canada.

I have had some recreations and pastimes all through my life span, though they seem to evolve over time. Now I like to garden, go backpacking, and learn a little more Qatabanian or Dalecarlian.

This is a snapshot of me from the fall of 2003.



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